Books Make Great Gifts!

Most readers love getting a new book as a gift… but it can be hard to match books to the people on your gift list. We’re here to help! Here is the text of a thread we posted on Twitter about who would like our books: Mothers of young children are likely to have a […]

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Tattoo Cover Reveal

Our first book of 2018 will be available for pre-order in January, and it is time to show you the cover! Tattoo is a novella by Michelle Rene. It is set in the near future, after Judgment Day. But Judgment Day wasn’t fire and brimstone … instead, everyone’s history began to appear as tattoos on their […]

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2017 Science-Fiction and Fantasy Award Eligibility

We’re heading into award nomination season in the science fiction and fantasy genres. Annorlunda Books published two works that are eligible for nomination this year: In the novelette category, Caresaway, D. J. Cockburn’s all too believable story about what happens when a scientist invents a pill that can cure depression… but at a terrible cost. […]

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Upcoming Annorlunda Books Releases in 2018

We have acquisitions to announce! Here are three books we’ve acquired for publication. All will be out in 2018. Tattoo, a novella by Michelle Rene, set post-Judgment Day… where Judgment day came not as fire and wrath, but as forced transparency: Everyone’s histories appear as tattoos on their skin, making it impossible to hide past […]

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Both Sides of My Skin book cover, a mother and baby, with the baby pulling the mom's hair.

Both Sides of My Skin Cover Reveal

The final book in our 2017 lineup will be out in early December, and we’re excited to show you its cover! Both Sides of My Skin is a collection of four short stories by Elizabeth Trach. The stories explore the reality of pregnancy and motherhood, and also ask what it means to be the lead […]

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The Burning Cover Reveal

We have another new book coming out in early November, and we’re ready to show you the cover! The Burning, by JP Seewald, is a novella about a family coping with a slow-moving catastrophe. Inspired by the actual events in Centralia, Pennsylvania, it follows George, a working class husband and father, as an underground coal […]

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“Hand Selling” Our Books

A few days ago, I saw a really great tweet thread about selling books when everyone is focused on politics.: Hi, ghosties. đź‘» Let’s talk about books and selling books and promoting books under the current administration for a moment, shall we? — Nicole Brinkley (@nebrinkley) July 27, 2017 Inspired by that, I posted […]

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Water into Wine book cover. Person standing in front of vineyard.

Water into Wine Cover Reveal

Our next book will be out in September, and we have a cover to show you! Water into Wine, by Joyce Chng, is a space opera set on a distant planet. Xin inherits a vineyard there, and moves to build a new life. But an interstellar war intervenes, putting everything at risk… and Xin’s understanding […]

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Hemmed In book cover. Incomplete stitched "bars" over the title.

Release Day for Hemmed In

Today is release day for Hemmed In, the latest entry in the Annorlunda Books Taster Flights series. It is an anthology of six classic short stories about women’s lives. There is a theme that runs through them—subtly in some, more strongly in others—of the things men miss, and how in missing them, men can miss […]

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Hemmed In Cover Reveal

We have a new Taster Flight coming out June 7, and we have a cover to show you! Hemmed In is an anthology of classic short stories about women’s lives. Some may be familiar to you (people have been recommending Charlotte Gilman Perkins’ The Yellow Wallpaper to us since we started publishing Taster Flights) and […]

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