Upcoming Annorlunda Books Releases in 2018

We have acquisitions to announce! Here are three books we’ve acquired for publication. All will be out in 2018.

Tattoo, a novella by Michelle Rene, set post-Judgment Day… where Judgment day came not as fire and wrath, but as forced transparency: Everyone’s histories appear as tattoos on their skin, making it impossible to hide past deeds. In this cynical age, a young woman appears, completely unmarked. But why is she here… and will she survive long enough to achieve her purpose?

Here’s the Deal, by Micah Edwards, is the sequel to Okay, So Look, the humorous retelling of The Book of Genesis. In Here’s the Deal, Edwards applies his characteristic humor and wry insights to the Book of Exodus.

The Inconvenient God, a fantasy novelette by Francesca Forrest, set in a world in which the Ministry of Divinity can decommission gods who no longer have a following. In this engaging story, a Ministry official arrives to decommission a minor deity on a university campus, and finds the situation is more complex than advertised.

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