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Our books:

Academaze, a collection of essays and cartoons about life as a STEM professor, by Sydney Phlox.

Arctic Adagio, a thrilling mystery set in an all too plausible near future, by DJ Cockburn.

The Burning, a story inspired by true events about family and finding what matters, by JP Seewald.

Both Sides of My Skin, a collection of short stories that explore the reality of pregnancy and motherhood, by Elizabeth Trach

Caresaway, a near future sci fi novella about a scientist whose big discovery comes at a terrible cost, by DJ Cockburn

The Dodo Knight, a novella about Lewis Carroll and his muse, Alice Liddell, told from Alice's viewpoint, by Michelle Rene

Hemmed In, an anthology of classic short stories about women's lives.

The Inconvenient God, a novelette about a god of mischief who isn't quite ready for retirement, by Francesca Forrest

Lagoonfire, a novella about a retired god who may or may not be causing trouble, and the decommissioner trying to find the truth, by Francesca Forrest

The Lilies of Dawn, a fairy tale of love, duty, family, and one young woman’s coming of age, by Vanessa Fogg.

Love and Other Happy Endings, an anthology of classic love stories that end on a high note.

Missed Chances, an anthology of classic love stories with a hint of what might have been.

Navigating the Path to Industry, job search advice by M.R. Nelson.

Nontraditional, a collection of linked essays about the lessons learned from teaching at a community college, by Nan Kuhlman

Small and Spooky, an anthology of classic ghost stories involving children.

Tattoo, a novella set in a near-future in which our life story is written on our skin, by Michelle Rene

Unspotted, a story about an endangered leopard and one man's quest to save it, by Justin Fox.

Water into Wine, a space opera about the effects of war, and how we construct our own identity, by Joyce Chng.

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