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Cover Reveal for Lagoonfire

It is time for another gorgeous cover! Lagoonfire, by Francesca Forrest, continues the story of Decommissioner Thirty-Seven, the decommissioner of fading gods that we first met in The Inconvenient God. Thirty-Seven may have botched the decommissioning of Laloran-morna, the former god of ocean waves… and now he is suspected to be the source of a […]

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Cover Reveal for Nontraditional

We’ve got another great cover to share! This one is for Nontraditional: Life Lessons from a Community College. Nontraditional will be out next March. Here is the fabulous cover Susan Lavoie designed for it: Nan Kuhlman is an author, freelance writer, and part-time community college professor. This collection of linked essays introduces us to her […]

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A cruise ship and the Northern Lights

Cover Reveal for Arctic Adagio

We’re very excited to show you the cover for our next release. Arctic Adagio, by DJ Cockburn will be out in late May or early June, and we just love the fantastic cover designer Nerine Dorman created. Arctic Adagio is a tautly written mystery novelette set on a a luxury cruise ship that accepts no national […]

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Cover Reveal for The Dodo Knight

We’re already hard at work on the books that will be coming out in 2019, and we have our first cover to show you!   The Dodo Knight, by Michelle Rene, will be out in April, 2019. It is a historical fiction novella, taking the “Liddell Riddle”  – the mystery of why Lewis Carroll fell […]

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The Inconvenient God Cover Reveal

Some stories grab ahold of me from the minute I start reading them and insist that I must publish them. Francesca Forrest’s novelette The Inconvenient God is one such story. I was intrigued by the idea that there might be a world in which gods could be formally decommissioned, and read the entire novelette in […]

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Here’s the Deal Cover Reveal

One of the first books we published was Okay, So Look, Micah Edwards’ humorous retelling of the Book of Genesis. Now he’s back to retell the stories in Exodus with in the same humorous—but accurate!—way.  And here’s the cover of that new book, called Here’s the Deal: The cover was created by Susan Lavoie. Here’s […]

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Tattoo Cover Reveal

Our first book of 2018 will be available for pre-order in January, and it is time to show you the cover! Tattoo is a novella by Michelle Rene. It is set in the near future, after Judgment Day. But Judgment Day wasn’t fire and brimstone … instead, everyone’s history began to appear as tattoos on their […]

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Both Sides of My Skin book cover, a mother and baby, with the baby pulling the mom's hair.

Both Sides of My Skin Cover Reveal

The final book in our 2017 lineup will be out in early December, and we’re excited to show you its cover! Both Sides of My Skin is a collection of four short stories by Elizabeth Trach. The stories explore the reality of pregnancy and motherhood, and also ask what it means to be the lead […]

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The Burning Cover Reveal

We have another new book coming out in early November, and we’re ready to show you the cover! The Burning, by JP Seewald, is a novella about a family coping with a slow-moving catastrophe. Inspired by the actual events in Centralia, Pennsylvania, it follows George, a working class husband and father, as an underground coal […]

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