Information for Authors

We publish both fiction and non-fiction, and will consider fiction of any genre. We are currently CLOSED for submissions of both fiction and non-fiction works.

Publication Criteria

Here are our publication criteria:

  • The work is novella length or shorter.
  • We like it and think it is well-written.
  • We learn something from it, or it makes us think.

While we will consider fiction of any genre, we are not likely to publish horror or erotica- those are not genres we usually like.

We specifically welcome submissions from authors not typically well-represented in publishing. Your unique insights and voice are well-suited for our mission to publish things that teach us something new and make us think.

Publication Terms

We offer two types of contracts: with and without an advance. If you choose a contract with an advance, your royalty percentage will be lower for a set number of copies, to compensate us for assuming more of the risk up front. Our advances are generally $200 for works that are 25,000 words or more and $100 for works that are between 7500 and 25,000 words. We may publish shorter works, but will generally not be able to offer an advance. We may offer different advances in some cases: these are just guidelines to help you decide whether you’d like to submit your work to us.

We will consider works that have been previously published elsewhere (e.g., as a series of blog posts), as long as the author clearly retains copyright.

All books will be published as ebooks. Books of sufficient length to support a print version will also be published in print form.

Why Are We Doing This?

We love short ebooks.

We particularly love finding a short ebook that teaches us something new or makes us think about something in a different way. We don’t think there are enough of these available right now, so we want to publish more.

Why Should You Publish with Us?

Traditional publishers are great, but they tend to focus on longer works.

Self-publishing is great, but it is not for everyone. Creating a high quality book requires an upfront financial investment that may beyond the reach of some authors. Marketing a book is hard, and if you self-publish, you don’t have anyone to help you do it.

We can’t guarantee you’ll make a bunch of money or sell a lot of copies- no one can guarantee that, really. But we can guarantee you’ll have a high quality book and that we’ll do our best to help market it. After all, we won’t make money if it doesn’t sell, either. We market our new releases and our back catalog, and never give up on a book we’ve published.

How to Submit

If you’re interested in submitting a work to us, email us at We only accept full manuscript submissions for fiction. We will read and respond to non-fiction queries and pitches, but will not be able to offer a contract without reading the full manuscript.

We accept simultaneous submissions. If you find another home for your submission before you hear from us, please let us know. We try to respond to all submissions, and to do so within six weeks. However, we are a small publisher and sometimes cannot meet this goal.

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