Books Make Great Gifts!

Most readers love getting a new book as a gift… but it can be hard to match books to the people on your gift list. We’re here to help! Here is the text of a thread we posted on Twitter about who would like our books:

Mothers of young children are likely to have a jolt of recognition when they read the stories in Elizabeth Trach’s Both Sides of My Skin, which show motherhood how it really is, not how the greeting cards make it sound.   


Fans of fantasy and mythology will love @FoggWriter’s The Lilies of Dawn. It is also a great gift for a young woman or teenager trying to find her place in the world:


For the lover of medical thrillers and/or near future sci-fi: @dj_cockburn’s Caresaway is a story about what happens when there is a pill that cures depression… but with a doozy of a side effect.


People who love to travel will enjoy Unspotted, by @JustinFoxAfrica. It made me want to visit the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa! It is also a good choice for animal lovers.


Got an academic on your list? Check out Academaze, a collection of essays and cartoons about life in academia from @xykademiqz.


If your shopping list includes someone who is going to making the transition into a non-academic job soon, consider @melanie_nelson’s Navigating the Path to Industy:


For people who like their fiction inspired by real events, look at The Burning, @JacquelineSeewa’s story about a family struggling to cope with a slow-moving catastrophe in their town.


Water into Wine, by @jolantru would make a great gift for a sci-fi lover who wants more than spaceship battles in their space opera. It is the story of how an interstellar war affects the everyday people on the ground.


If your list has someone who likes a good laugh and a good story, look at Micah Edward’s Okay, So Look, a humorous retelling of the Book of Genesis.


For the film lover, consider Don’t Call It Bollywood, by @mredlich21. It explains the artistry and history of Hindi film.


For someone who likes reading about women’s lives through the years, check out our Taster Flight Hemmed In, an anthology of classic short stories that showcase the constraints on women’s lives and how we’ve found our way around them.


We have two Taster Flights that would make great gifts for fans of love stories: Love and Other Happen Endings ( and Missed Chances (


We also have a Taster Flight for fans of ghost stories: Small and Spooky. There’s even a Christmas-related story in that one!


If you want to give an ebook instead of a paperback, we make that easy! The @gumroad page for all of our books has the option to buy a printable gift card. Print it out and fold it up, for a card with the book cover on the front and a download code inside!

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