“Hand Selling” Our Books

A few days ago, I saw a really great tweet thread about selling books when everyone is focused on politics.:

Inspired by that, I posted a thread of my own, “hand selling” each of the books we’ve published. I decided to paste the text of those tweets in here, so that I can share it in other ways, too:

Want to escape into a fictional world for awhile? Try the lushly written The Lilies of Dawn, by @FoggWriter: http://annorlundaenterprises.com/books/the-lilies-of-dawn/


Need a reminder of the wonder and beauty in this world? Check out @JustinFoxAfrica’s Unspotted: http://annorlundaenterprises.com/books/unspotted/


Want to think about why we are vulnerable to bad leaders while enjoying a great story? Try @DJ_Cockburn’s Caresaway: http://annorlundaenterprises.com/books/caresaway/


Need a good laugh? Check out Okay, So Look. Bonus: you’ll  know what is in the Book of Genesis, no begats necessary. http://annorlundaenterprises.com/books/okay-so-look/


Looking to think about women’s lives thru the yrs & how we’ve found ways around constraints put on us? Try Hemmed In http://annorlundaenterprises.com/books/hemmed-in/


Want to learn about an art form you may not be taking seriously enough? Try Don’t Call It Bollywood by @mredlich21: http://annorlundaenterprises.com/books/dont-call-it-bollywood/


Focusing on your career right now? @melanie_nelson’s Navigating the Path to Industry has job search tips: http://annorlundaenterprises.com/books/navigating-the-path-to-industry/


If you’re looking at an academic career path, Academaze, by Sydney Phlox has essays w/advice + cartoons for a laugh: http://annorlundaenterprises.com/books/academaze/


Want to escape into some classic love stories? We’ve got two options for you. Love and Other Happy Endings is one: http://annorlundaenterprises.com/books/love-and-other-happy-endings/


Missed Chances is the other, with a slightly more bittersweet tone: http://annorlundaenterprises.com/books/missed-chances/


Ghost stories more your thing? Small and Spooky has 6 of them, all featuring a child: http://annorlundaenterprises.com/books/small-and-spooky/


Most of our ebooks are just $2.99. If you can’t swing that, ask your librarian to consider our books!


You can also join our mailing list. One subscriber each month gets a free ebook: http://annorlundaenterprises.com/mailing-list/


Mailing list subscribers also get notified of sales & opportunities to be an advance reader. We have three more releases coming this year.


Water into Wine, by @jolantru, is a space opera about the cost of war & how we build our identity. Out in Sept. http://annorlundaenterprises.com/books/water-into-wine/


The Burning, by J.P. Seewald, is about a family struggling to cope as a slow-moving catastrophe threatens everything. Out in Nov.


Both Sides of My Skin is a collection of short stories about the realities of pregnancy & motherhood, by Elizabeth Trach. Out in Dec.

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