Navigating the Path to Industry

This book is the next best thing to sitting down with a hiring manager and getting the inside scoop." - Amazon review

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Jump start your job search with detailed advice from a hiring manager

Whether you are just finishing up your bachelor's degree or have a PhD and years of experience in academia, making the transition to an "alternative career" in the non-academic world can be intimidating. There are different expectations and rules, and no road map... until now. In Navigating the Path to Industry, an industry veteran with more than 10 years' experience as a hiring manager gives you the inside scoop on how to find your new path and get a job.

"Wow. I wish someone had given me this book when I was writing up my dissertation and job-seeking." - Review from someone who successfully navigated out of academia

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Navigating the Path to Industry: A Hiring Manager’s Advice for Academics Looking for a Job in Industry By M.R. Nelson

By M.R. Nelson

Finding a job is hard. Running a non-academic job search when all of your previous experience is in academia is even harder. This book won’t make it easy (unfortunately, nothing can do that), but it will help you learn to run a successful job search and avoid common pitfalls. It provides a hiring manager’s advice on networking, conducting informational interviews, converting your curriculum vitae into a resume, writing a cover letter, interviewing, and maintaining your self-confidence throughout the job search process. This concise collection of job searching advice provides a framework for finding the way out of academia and into a new job for academics at all levels who have realized that they want an alternative career.

ebook: $2.99, 54 pages
paperback: $6.99, 72 pages

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Praise for Navigating the Path to Industry

"This is a short, focused, and fabulous guide to industry/business job searches. " - GoodReads review

"The Apply for jobs section is full of great advice on writing a cv, writing a cover letter, thinking about how the company might manage its recruitment process, and thinking through how to give your application the best chance of success. The bookshops are littered with advice on these topics, and I found this section a great distillation of dos and don’ts. - Review from an advance reader

"It's a fast read and it will prepare you nicely for the process of getting a job in our field -- as someone who writes daily on these issues, I really liked it and strongly recommend it." - Review from Chemjobber, a blogger focused on helping chemists find jobs

"Packed with all the advice you’ll need to find a job in the private sector. The focus may be industry, but I think the strategies in this book apply to finding a job in nearly any career field beyond the academy." - Review from a postdoctoral fellow considering a non-academic job search

About the Author

M.R. Nelson is a manager of people and projects in the biotechnology industry, specializing in the intersection of science and information technology. She has more than ten years of experience as a hiring manager, and a Ph.D. in the biosciences. She is also the author of Taming the Work Week: Work Smarter Not Longer, a short ebook about improving personal productivity. You can find her online at or on twitter: @melanie_nelson.

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