Love and Other Happy Endings

Reading these five stories one after the other encouraged me to look for common themes and ideas and to think about the ways in which different authors tackle the subject of love.... I really enjoyed this little collection...! - Review at She Reads Novels

Cover of Love and Other Happy Endings

Happy endings come in many guises

An anthology of classic love stories that end on a high note: fun and spirited, with overtones that will linger awhile.

The flight includes:

The Singing Lesson, by Katherine Mansfield
Akin to Love, by L.M. Montgomery
Mr. Lismore and the Widow, by Wilkie Collins
Head and Shoulders, by F. Scott Fitzgerald
The Other Man's Wife, by James Oliver Curwood

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Love and Other Happy Endings

Edited by M.R. Nelson

paperback: $7.99, 103 pages

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