The Inconvenient God

The Inconvenient God is an uncommonly rich and interesting story” – review by Djibril al-Ayad in The Future Fire

Cover image shows two people in robes, in front of a radiant apple tree

What happens if you try to retire a god who is not ready to leave?

An official from the Ministry of Divinities arrives at a university to decommission a local god. She is expecting an easy decommissioning of a waning god of mischief but finds instead an active god not interested in retiring and university administrators who have not told her the full story about the god. Can the Decommisioner discover the true story of this god in time to prevent his most destructive round of mischief yet?

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The Inconvenient God

by Francesca Forrest

ebook: $2.99
paperback: $7.99, 70 pages

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Book 1 in the Tales of the Polity series. Lagoonfire is book 2.

Praise for The Inconvenient God

“This is simply a fantastic little story from the first page to the last. It was a joy to read, and got me asking a lot of fun questions too!” – review at The Little Red Reviewer

“Forrest… has a way with bringing the small characters to life, and a sense of compassionate humor when illustrating human foibles that I find especially enjoyable.” – Sherwood Smith’s GoodReads review

“All Forrest’s characters are distinct and convincing… Her recognition and unwinding of mystery help to explicate the world and rivet reader interest while they move the plot.” – a review on Amazon

About the Author

Francesca Forrest is the author of Pen Pal (2013), a hard-to-classify novel from the margins, as well as short stories that have appeared in Not One of Us, Strange Horizons, and other online and print venues. She’s currently working on a post-apocalypse novel that focuses on the hope rather than the horror.

She blogs at, and you can follow her on Twitter at @morinotsuma.

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