Arctic Adagio

A thrilling mystery set in an all-too plausible near future

Book cover, with ship in front of the Northern Lights

How do you catch a murderer when your suspects own the law?

Superintendent Rex Harme’s job is to protect the super-rich from pirates and anarchists. It’s not his job to investigate them. If they cared to be investigated, they wouldn’t be living on a luxury cruise ship that accepts no national jurisdiction. But when one of the super-rich is thrown into the Arctic Ocean, Harme will need to remember the detective he used to be because someone is going to pay for that murder – but whether or not the right person pays depends on whether Harme can beat the clock he isn’t supposed to know is ticking.

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Arctic Adagio

by DJ Cockburn

ebook: $2.99
paperback: $7.99, 86 pages

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Praise for Arctic Adagio

"A plausible dystopian future, with a provocative point of view concerning the consequences of deregulation" - Victoria Silverwolf's review in Tangent Online

"This is my kind of mystery – short and sweet." - Review at Fill Your Bookshelf

Included on the Tangent Online recommended readling list for 2019

About the Author

DJ Cockburn is a British author with stories in Apex, Interzone, and various anthologies. He is also the author of the novelette Caresaway, released by Annorlunda Books in 2017. His story “Beside the Damned River” won the 2014 James White Award. He has supported his unfortunate writing habit through medical research on various parts of the African continent and drinking a lot of coffee.

Earlier phases of his life have included teaching possibly unlucky children and experimenting on definitely unlucky fish. He can be found online at and has occasionally been caught twittering as @DJ_Cockburn.

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