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Book cover, with ship in front of the Northern Lights

Arctic Adagio

By DJ Cockburn

A thrilling mystery set in an all-too-plausible near future.

Both Sides of My Skin

By Elizabeth Trach

A collection of short stories exploring the changes motherhood brings—and what it means to be the lead character in your own story when key events are beyond your control.

Both Sides of My Skin book cover, a mother and baby, with the baby pulling the mom's hair.

Caresaway book cover


By DJ Cockburn

A near future sci fi novelette about a scientist whose big discovery comes at a terrible cost.

The Burning

By JP Seewald

A moving story of a family facing their greatest challenge.

The Burning book cover, a house with a smoke effect

Water into Wine book cover. Person standing in front of vineyard.

Water into Wine

By Joyce Chng

A space opera about the cost of war, the meaning of family, and how we must build our own identity.

The Dodo Knight

By Michelle Rene

A novella about Alice Liddell, the muse for Alice in Wonderland. It will transport you to Victorian England... and into the heart of a very special little girl.

Cover image shows two people in robes, in front of a radiant apple tree

The Inconvenient God

By Francesca Forrest

What happens if you try to retire a god who is not ready to leave?


By Francesca Forrest

A decommissioned god may or may not be causing trouble. Can Decommissioner Thirty-Seven find out before her past catches up to her and derails all of her plans?

A turquoise swirl on a deep blue background

The Lilies of Dawn book cover

The Lilies of Dawn

By Vanessa Fogg

A beautifully written, lyrical fairy tale of love, duty, family, and one young woman’s coming of age.


By Michelle Rene

A mysterious young woman appears in a cynical age. Why is she here... and will she survive long enough to achieve her purpose?

Tattoo book cover: stylized image of a young white woman

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