Pre-orders Now Available for Lagoonfire

Lagoonfire, Francesca Forrest’s novella that continues the story of Decommissioner Thirty-Seven, who we first met in The Inconvenient God, is now available for pre-order! A turquoise swirl on a deep blue background

Set in a world in which gods can be decommissioned but humans must take care to conform with the beliefs of the Polity, Lagoonfire follows what happens when a god Thirty-Seven decommissioned is suspected of causing problems at a development project in his old haunts. As she tries to determine whether the problems are due to the retired god or a mortal saboteur, Thirty-Seven must fact a past she’d rather forget as well as the possibility that the future she’s carefully constructed may crumble.

Release day is March 3, 2021. Pre-order your copy today!

Pre-order the ebook:

The ebook will also be available for pre-order at soon. Also, all of our ebooks are always DRM-free, so you can buy at any outlet to read on any ereader.

The paperback is also available for pre-order:

The ebook will also be available for libraries to purchase via Overdrive or Baker and Taylor.

You can also add Lagoonfire to your “to-read” shelf on GoodReads!

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