Hello, World

Annorlunda Enterprises has been in existence for almost a year and a half now, and it seems time to have a news blog. We need a place to announce new products and initiatives. Obviously, that information goes out via our Twitter feed and our newsletter, but we need a “home” for news on our website, too. This is it.

Since this is our first post, it seems a good time to introduce the company a bit, too. Our founder has a lot of interests, and so the company does, too. The unifying theme is the idea that learning is fun- not that it can be made fun, but that it is inherently fun. We think that people of all ages like to learn new things, and we want to make things that help them do that in a way that fits their life. Our first focus is “short form” writing: books that are novella-length or shorter or that are collections of short writing. Our founder fell in love with short ebooks when her two young children and busy work life interfered with her life long love of reading. She still loved to read, but was short on time: so she started reading shorter things. She still maintains Tungsten Hippo, the website about short ebooks that she started, but wanted to do more, so she founded this company to publish short ebooks.

We have a lot of big ideas both in books and in other areas, but we believe in “show, don’t tell,” so we’ll wait and tell you about them as they become real.

We also design t-shirts. Yeah, that doesn’t really fit. But it is fun and it pays its own way, so it stays. Also, we like wearing the shirts we make, and what’s the point of starting your own company if you can’t do what you want with it?

That’s all for now. Hello, world. We look forward to learning lots of new things with you.

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