Call for Submissions

Annorlunda Books is a small, independent press that publishes short form writing, both fiction and non-fiction. We are currently open for submissions, as we look to fill our 2019 publication calendar. Submissions will remain open until we fill our publishing calendar: We are looking for one or two fiction and one or two non-fiction manuscripts. Manuscripts received by April 20, 2018, will all be considered. Manuscripts received after April 20 will only be considered if there is still space in our publishing calendar.

Annorlunda Books focuses on short writing. We are looking for manuscripts of novelette and novella length, i.e. between 7500 and 40,000 words. We will also consider longer collections of short writing, either fiction or non-fiction. We only read complete manuscripts. Please do not send pitches or partial manuscripts.

Our publication criteria are simple: we’re looking for stories that are well-told and that teach us something or make us think.

We welcome all submissions, but particularly encourage submissions from people whose communities and stories are underrepresented in publishing.  If you have a story that you have been told is too “niche” or “not relevant to the average reader” we want to read it. If you’ve written a work of fiction and have been told that it is “not believable” for the protagonist to be whatever your protagonist is or have a non-fiction piece about a topic that you’ve been told is “not of general interest,” we want to read it.

We are open to fiction in any genre except erotica or horror. We will consider works that have been previously published elsewhere (e.g., as a series of blog posts), as long as the author clearly retains copyright.

We offer two types of contracts: with and without an advance. If you choose a contract with an advance, your royalty percentage will be lower for a set number of copies, to compensate us for assuming more of the risk up front. Our advances are generally $200 for works that are 25,000 words or more and $100 for works that are between 7500 and 25,000 words. We may offer different advances in some cases: these are just guidelines to help you decide whether you’d like to submit your work to us.

All books will be published as ebooks. Books of sufficient length to support a print version will also be published in print form.

Additional information is available on our Information for Authors page.

Queries and submissions should be directed to We strongly prefer electronic submissions, but if this presents a hardship to you, email us and we will work something out.

We look forward to reading your submissions!

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