Upcoming Annorlunda Books Releases in 2017

We have three new acquisitions to announce, all of which will be released in 2017:

The Burning, by Jacqueline Seewald, a novella set in the coal country of Pennsylvania and inspired by real events, is about a family struggling to cope as a slow-moving catastrophe threatens everything they have.

Both Sides of My Skin, by Elizabeth Trach, a collection of four short stories about pregnancy and motherhood. These stories explore the changes motherhood brings, and what it means to be the protagonist in your own story when key events are truly beyond your control.

Water into Wine, by Joyce Chng, a novella set in a space-traveling future. The protagonist inherits a vineyard on a distant planet, and moves there to build a life, but an interstellar war intervenes, forcing some difficult choices.

We love these books, and are excited to bring them to the rest of you. We have a few more titles that might make it out this year, including another Taster Flight,  so watch for more new title announcements. Or better yet, join our mailing list to be sure you won’t miss any new releases! Mailing list subscribers also get an invitation to be an advance reader for all of our new releases, and once a month, one subscriber is drawn at random and gets a promo code for a free Annorlunda Books ebook of their choice.

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