2019 End of Year Wrap Up

This year was our fifth year publishing books—and we celebrated in the best possible way, with a great line-up of new releases.  We published two books in the science-fiction and fantasy genres that are award-eligible:

Arctic Adagio, a novelette by DJ Cockburn, is a gripping mystery and a cautionary tale about an all too plausible near-future in which governments are corrupted and money rules everything. Cockburn’s believable characters will make you think about how you would respond to the dystopia he imagines… and perhaps also about how our responses now will determine what sort of future we face. A review in Tangent online says it is “a plausible dystopian future, with a provocative point of view concerning the consequences of deregulation”

The Boy Who Was Mistaken for a Fairy King, a novella by H.L. Fullerton, is the story of a boy who bears an unfortunate resemblance to a Fairy King, and the girl who sees who he really is. This story will draw you into a magical world that is enough like our own to make you look at the trees and animals around you with a new perspective. In her GoodReads review, Maria Haskins call this “a charming, playful and utterly unique novella.”

We are always happy to arrange for review copies – just get in touch!

We published one other book in 2019:

The Dodo Knighta novella by Michelle Rene, is a fictionalized story of the relationship between Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) and the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland, Alice Liddell. No one now alive knows what really happened between Dodgson and the Liddell family, but Rene’s fictional version is a delight to read.  As the review at Fill Your Bookshelf says, “this book perfectly encapsulates the goal of historical fiction – it made me feel like it was written by someone who was there.”

These books would all make wonderful gifts! (As would any of the books we’ve published in earlier years….)


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