2018 End of Year Wrap Up and Awards Eligibility

It is that season again… the season of awards eligibility posts and gift guides. So let’s take a look back at 2018!

We have two books that are eligible for the Hugo and Nebula awards:

Tattoo, a novella by Michelle Rene, is set in a dystopian future. Judgment Day came, and the judgment was that everyone’s history would be written on their skin. When a completely unmarked young woman appears in this cynical age, an unlikely band of people find themselves drawn to her. But who is she, and why is she here? Publisher’s Weekly called this book “beautifully haunting” in a starred review.

The Inconvenient God is a novelette by Francesca Forrest. An official from the Ministry of Divinities is called to a provincial university to decommission a waning god of mischief. She finds a god who is not at all ready to retire, and whose story is not what she was told. Can she figure out what is going on in time to head off a destructive round of mischief from an aggrieved god? The Future Fire calls this an “uncommonly rich and interesting story.”

We are always happy to arrange for review copies – just get in touch!

We published one other book in 2018: Here’s the Deal, by Micah Edwards, is the sequel to Okay, So Look. In Okay, So Look, Edwards gave us a humorous retelling of the Book of Genesis. With Here’s the Deal, he has us laugh our way through the Book of Exodus. Edwards’ retellings of Biblical stories are definitely funny – but also entirely accurate. As the reviewer at Fill Your Bookshelf says, “Edwards is definitely writing this retelling with love for the original…. Highly recommended.”

We think all of these books would make great gifts – as would any of the books we’ve published in earlier years! There are paperback editions of all of our books, and you can also give the ebooks: We make printable gift cards that you can purchase from our GumRoad store. Just select the “Gift Card” option when purchasing your book, and you will receive a printable gift card instead of the ebook files. You print out the paper, and then fold it into a gift card with the book cover on the front and instructions for how the recipient can use it to get the ebook inside.

2018 was a great year for us here at Annorlunda – and we’re excited about our line up for 2019! Thanks for reading.

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