The Boy Who Was Mistaken for a Fairy King

A novella infused with the magic of the woods

The cover shows a young man with antlers, in a forest

On the day Carl was born, the crocuses heralded the arrival of a special child. Or did they?

Carl King is an average boy, a gentle, kind, sweet teen who attracts an odd assortment of friends. He sometimes confers with trees… and just so happens to have antlers growing atop his head.

Evangeline Chase is an average girl from a close-knit family. She likes to run and enjoys a long walk in the woods… with her bow and arrow.

It’s a match made in deep, dark magic.  A boy with antlers. A girl enthralled with the chase. A forest keeping grim secrets.

Everything seems fine until someone calls a Hunt….

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The Boy Who Was Mistaken for a Fairy King

by HL Fullerton

ebook: $3.99
paperback: $9.99, 122 pages

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Praise for The Boy Who Was Mistaken for a Fairy King

"A charming, playful and utterly unique novella... A wonderful read from start to finish." - Maria Haskins

Included on the Tangent Online recommended readling list for 2019

About the author

HL Fullerton writes fiction—mostly speculative, occasionally about fairies and forests—which can be found in more than 50 anthologies and magazines, some located on an Internet near you. On Twitter as @ByHLFullerton.

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