Table of Contents for Academaze

Foreword: What This Book Is About

Chapter 1: What Professors at Research Universities Actually Do

  • A Mysterious Vocation
  • Things I Love about My Job
  • What Professors Do All Day When Not in Class
  • Work Hiding in Plain View

Chapter 2: The Academic Job Search

  • An Insider’s View of a Faculty Search
  • Surviving the First Cut
  • Know Thy Friends
  • Notes from the Search
  • Feelers
  • Upgrading Institutions Midcareer

Chapter 3: The Tenure Track

  • The First Few Years As an Assistant Professor
  • Support on the Tenure Track
  • Slightly Scary Tenure Stories
  • Traveling without Moving
  • Tenure Denial
  • How Much Is Enough for Tenure?
  • Collaborations on the Tenure Track
  • Tenure, for Better or for Worse
  • Ride It Like You Stole It

Chapter 4: Teaching and Service

  • What Makes a Good Teacher?
  • Flipping the Bird Classroom
  • Grouchy Musings on Teaching
  • Quixotic Grading Dreams
  • Bimodal
  • On Classroom Teaching
  • On Classroom Teaching, Part Deux
  • Serves You Right
  • Not Your Emergency
  • Real and Surreal Academic Work

Chapter 5: Grant Proposals and Funding

  • Grant Proposals: Love ’Em, Hate ’Em
  • Who’s on Your Proposal?
  • Academoneya
  • Writing in a Time Crunch
  • Proposal Review Silliness
  • Funding Dread

Chapter 6: Working with Grad Students and Postdocs

  • Are You Your Advisor?
  • Beyond Scores
  • Switch-a-roo
  • Postdocs Only
  • Musings on Postdoc-ing
  • Murphy’s Law of Graduate-Student Recruitment
  • Doing Science, Advising Students, and a Bit of Shockley
  • The Seven-Year-PhD Itch
  • Potential and Ambition
  • Advice on Job Hunting for a Recent PhD Graduate
  • There Are Humans in Academia

Chapter 7: Technical Writing with Junior Scientists

  • Summertime, Academic Rendition
  • Favorite Papers
  • Why We Write in STEM
  • Who Teaches a Grad Student How to Write?
  • Write-a-doodle-doo
  • Why Your Advisor Takes Forever to Edit Your Paper
  • My Darling
  • Let It Flow — Part 1
  • Let It Flow — Part 2
  • This Bean-Devouring Leprechaun
  • Stephen King’s On Writing

Chapter 8: Peer Review of Papers and Grant Proposals

  • Your Paper Is Really Boring
  • In Defense of Tardy Reviewers
  • Editorializing
  • Revision Trumps Rebuttal
  • Propeller Referee
  • Panelicious
  • Panella Bread

Chapter 9: Giving Talks and Networking

  • On Presenting Research Data
  • Giving Talks at Meetings
  • How Do You Know That Your Talk Didn’t Suck?
  • On Communicating Science
  • How Do You Like Your Conferences?
  • Musings on Networking
  • Following Up with New Connections

Chapter 10: Colleagues, Collaborators, and Academic Politics

  • Choosing Collaborators
  • Collaborativignette
  • Collaborative Paper Writing
  • Collaboration Dissolution
  • In Praise of Respectful Colleagues
  • Political Skills in Academia
  • Accolade Magnet
  • Young Administrator
  • Meet-the-Speaker Paradox
  • Musings on Departmental Politics
  • Shut Up
  • The Fourth Aspect of an Academic Job

Chapter 11: Work–Life Balance

  • Little Pockets of Time
  • The Sucky and Awesome of Academia
  • Everyday Superpowers
  • Academental Health
  • Academic Breathlessness
  • Limits
  • Saying No to Invited Talks
  • The Split Shift

Chapter 12: Women in STEM

  • Honorary Dudeness
  • Sisterhood
  • Goofy
  • Women sans Babies Q&A
  • What Impostor Syndrome Is About for Women in STEM
  • Sexist Logorrhea
  • Superlative Fatigue
  • Survival Tips for Young Women in STEM
  • Working-Mom Haiku
  • Does Anyone Else Care about Your Work–Life Balance?
  • On Working Long Hours
  • Manicure That
  • Oversharing
  • Benevolently Sexist

This is the Table of Contents for Academaze: Finding Your Way through the American Research University, by Sydney Phlox.

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